I-Man Should Not Kill Man - Man Shall Not Kill Man-

II-Man Must Eliminate The Desire To Kill Man Or Animal-

III-Man Should Religiously Honor The Life Of Any Animal Used For Substance Or Consumption-

IV-Man Should Only Kill For The Substance Of Consumption Of Food-

V-Man Shall Not Kill What Man Does Not Eat-

VI-Man Should Not Eat Man - Man Shall Not Eat Man-

VII-Man Must Communicate With And Protect The Universe And All In It-

VIII-Man Should Not Start Or Commit Himself To War With Man-

IX-Man Should Substitute War With Angel Games of Competition, Dialog and Communication-

X-Man Should Protect Himself From Evil By Strengthening Man's Own Temple And Mind-

XI-Fear Of God Is The Only Fear That Should Trouble Man, And In The Face Of God Man Shall Have No Fear-

XII-Man Should Show Compassion To Their Fellow Man-

XIII-Man's Mission In Life Is To Seek Understanding And Share Wisdom-

XIV-Man Should Hold High [God-His Jesus-And-His Religious Faiths]-

XV-Man Must Support Man In Efforts To Build Up Man-