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Spiritual memberships (SA-$100/m)

Governmental memberships (SA-$1Billion/yr)

Corporate memberships (SA-$10,000/m)

Executive memberships (SA-$100/m)

Business memberships (SA-$20.00/m)

The above memberships may pledge more

And for the African of Descent Peoples of the world we offer Citizenship


The “New” Nation of 

United African Kingdoms of KAMBUF

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The Nation Of KAMBUF 

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Nation Of KAMBUF Member Benefits

Opportunity To Vote On Select Nation Of KAMBUF Member Issues

Discounts on Select Nation Of KAMBUF Domestic Products

Access to Select Perks And Benefits Only Available To Nation Of KAMBUF Citizens

WAACL  Member Benefits

First Access To WAACL Tickets Sales and Promotions

Discounts To Any Pay-Per-View Events

Lottery Pick Opportunities To Meet WAACL Players

Lottery Pick Opportunities To All Access-Sideline Game Pass 

Lottery Pick Opportunities To Visit WAACL - Official Training Dojo's For Special Planned Events

Full Access To Internet-Streamed Content From The KAMBUF WAACL Network

To Include Discussions, Interviews,  Documentaries, Instructions, Training, Practices, Matches & Fights, Events & Games, and Archived Angel-Games 

Extra Special Member Benefits

Access To WAACL Fantasy League Play,....

Access To WAACL Digital Trading Card,... 

First Access To Purchase The Newest WAACL Video Games 

Discounts To Select WAACL or KAMBUF Branded Merchandise 

Discounts To Any Concessions @ Any WAACL Sporting Events 

Including Parking and Select Travel & Hotel Accommodations 

Discounts To Products, Provided By; 

Trusted Brand Sponsors Of KAMBUF

And Many More Discounts And Special Opportunities

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