KAMBUF's Understanding Of The Meaning Of Life

(The Meaning of Life Is Relative to Each and Every Person That Lives It)

1-To Know Oneself


2-To Know Good & Evil and Choose Good

To Protect Yourself From Evil


3-To Multiply & Evolve


4-To Practice The Physical Exercise Of Greatness

To Master The Mind

To Master The Physical Body


5-To Experience Emotion

To Master Emotion


6-To Experience Pain & Suffering

To Master and Transcend Pain & Suffering


7-To Create,

To Do

To Take Action

To Learn

To Teach


8-To Seek Understanding & Truth

To Honor and Seek Wisdom

To Provide Wisdom to Those That Seek


9-To Show Generosity-To be Generous and Helpful

To Show Compassion


10-To Protect & Tend The Universe and All In It

To Communicate & Listen To The Universe and All In It


11-The Process of Understanding Everything Is One

The Process of Understanding Everything is Alive

Alive is Energy

Everything has Energy


12-To Know Life & Death

To Preserve Life & Honor Death and Transcendence as Gods Domain


13-To Eliminate The Desire and Actions To Kill Man & Animal

To Religiously Honor Any Animals Life Used Of Human Substance (Food)


14-To Know God

To Walk With God

To Become Like God


15-To Not Hate


16-To Love God

To Love Yourself

To Love All as You Love Yourself & God


17-To Know Jesus is Lord

To Know Religion (The Religious Faiths) is Lord


18-To Do Any and All That is Holy


19-To Find Eden

To Reclaim Eden


20-To Control Your Reality

To Control Your Thoughts

To Control Your Words

To Control Your Actions


21-To Be Happy and Blissful,....