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~ The  Way  Of  The  Archangel ~ 

~ Gods Up ~

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~ The  Way  Of  The  Archangel ~ 

~Amen ~

What Is KAMBUF,......?

KAMBUF Is the African Rising Sun 

KAMBUF Is the African Voice from Every Land

KAMBUF is the Foundation of Our Nation

KAMBUF is a Lifestyle

KAMBUF is Discipline

KAMBUF is Excellence 

KAMBUF is Greatness

KAMBUF is Honor

KAMBUF is African 


KAMBUF is a Black African of Descent Movement,.... 

To Nationalize the African and the African Diaspora around the world,... 

- Into -

 The Nation Of United African Kingdoms Of KAMBUF,....! 

The Largest Nation Of African Of Descent People - To Ever Exist,....!

The Nation Of KAMBUF is Formed under KING-KAMBUF Of 

The Kingship Monarchy Of 

The African Kingdom Of Tacoma-Seattle,WA UAK - 


The Capital Of;

The Nation Of United African Kingdoms Of KAMBUF

 The United Central African Kingdom Of The Congo - Africa 


The African Kingdom of Ethiopia as the;

Holy African Kingdom of Enoch and our Spiritual Center Holy Land,...


KAMBUF Delivers a message of Greatness as a people and personally,...! 

And of a personal relationship with YAHWEH God,..! Delivered unto us by the Archangel Michael - 

As,....! God's - Chosen People to spread the doctrine of The Books Of KAMBUF unto the world,...!


KAMBUF is the African Of Descent People interpretations and understandings of the worlds collective cultures and religions,...! Documented and Recorded into -


The Books Of KAMBUF 

The Book Of Structures

The Book Of Histories & Timelines

The Book Of Laws & Necessities

The Book Of Disciplines

The Book Of Practices

The Book Of Temples

The Book Of Kingdoms 


Harmonized into a foundation of common goods, norms, and beliefs that highlight our commonality,...! 

And pushes us Humans towards total acceptance of one another….!


KAMBUF is also a direct call for Athletes that Aspire for greatness, that understand that athletic ability it's an art form, that some may call other earthly,... 

At Kam-Buf we teach the art of athletic combat. An Art form that enhances the human ability and transforms man into superhuman, Angel Touch, Warriors of God. - 


KAMBUF also calls on All Great Minds of the World that believe in the impossible and that Africans of Descent People can Achieve the Impossible,....! 

We Call on their fans and the fans of African Of Descent Peoples Culture,....!


To come together and Join the Nation of KAMBUF  -  ( KAMBUF - Patreon )and pledge your support to 

The Nation Of United African Kingdoms Of KAMBUF 


Is  A Social Networking Platform Designed to enable  - The Nation Of KAMBUF to communicate on a private and secure platform - Using the technology of the day that is  readily available and provided by large Tech Companies like Google,....!

How To Install TIM-KAMBUF-TU


Please take The First Step By Opening - An Google Gmail Account

And Then - Use It - To Subscribing to TIM-KAMBUF-TU 

Lastly Login in to Google ClassRoom 

 TIM-KAMBUF-TU The Official Social Media & Planning Platform Of :

Enter The Class Code - Below

The Nation Of United African Kingdoms Of KAMBUF

 - Class code: f4axk2u
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The University Of KAMBUF-TU

Education Starts with having an Imagination and A Desire To Dream The Impossible,.....!


May God's Blessings Of Health & Strength Nourish My Mind, Body and Soul 

Through The Use Of This Blessed Medicine Ball Of KAMBUF

- I Am A Man - Born: September-25-1977 
“Yeshua is Lord”“Religion (Religious Faiths) is Lord”
I am an Angel with a MessageFrom God. 
Giving to me by the Archangel Michael“Who Is Like God?”
To Train the Sons and Daughters of Adam, Noah, Abraham
On How to (Achieve Athletic-Combat Greatness) “Man Is Meant To Sharpen Themselves and Their Fellow Man” In their pursuit to Self-Greatness
Through Physical and Mental Faith-Courage-Understanding and Wisdom -We Become our True Selves - “Like God”

A Call To All Athletes That Seek Greatness

This Call Is For All Athletes That Aspire For Greatness, That Understand That Athletic Ability It's An Art Form, That Some May Call Other Earthly,... At KAMBUF We Teach The Art Of Athletic Combat. An Art Form That Enhances The Human Ability And Transforms Man Into Superhuman, Angel Touch, Warriors Of God.
 I Am A ManI Have Been Blessed And Touched By The Archangel Michael. Yeshua Is Lord! Religion (Religious Faiths) Is Lord
The Power Of The Archangel Michael Runs Through My Blood.
This Is A Call For All Athletes That Aspire For Greatness. To Know - KAMBUF- To Become,...!   


Of The Bravest Defenders - Of Those Whom Hope In God,....

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